Day 2

Healthy: Not smoking yesterday was difficult, but so far the motivation is staying with me. When I start thinking about wanting a cigarette, I have this picture in my mind of the blood vessels in my fingers literally shrivelling up with each imagined drag, and that works fairly well to de-romanticize the idea. I think the trick this time will be shifting the way I see smoking from a reward to a danger. It’s just in the morning, when I am done with my coffee and transitioning from breakfast to work that I would love to take up my seat by the window (pictured above).

Diabetes management is going well, or has been, at least, for the 24 hours that I’ve been trying again. The mySugr Logbook app is a huge help, and I am trying to remember to test ca. two hours after eating so that miscalculations don’t have too long to take effect, and to bolus for my food before my meal so my levels don’t spike. Also, since I put my bolus calculation formula in the app, I need to get used to trusting it, especially in the mornings, when it usually keeps me from going high.

Fit: Did Sweat with Kayla Week 12 Abs yesterday — hard! — but happy that I got through it after 10 days of lying around in the sun and quite a bit of alcohol during our trip to Croatia. I’ve decided to start over on Week 1 rather than continue on as I would like to build up my core strength before moving on to the more difficult exercises that come up after Week 12. Also paperexploits, my favourite BBG girl on Instagram, is also restarting the program after an injury, so I’ll be able to follow along with her and other BBG girls there, which is always fun.

Happy: Last night R and started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It is not a social activity, but it made me happy. Re: the happy goal, I haven’t taken any concrete steps today, but I have decided that this will be a season of saying yes to invitations and following through on that acceptance! Last year, and last fall in particular, I was something of a hermit, and would turn down invitations or not show up. I’m disappointed in myself now, when I think of last Halloween, and having been invited to two parties next to each other, each of which would have been cool on its own, I decided not to go to either, and rather to stay home and smoke and watch Netflix. No more.

Rich: This was a bill collecting morning! I had to send late invoice reminders to two of my regular students, and had to prepare a new invoice for the Technical University, that is also late in its payment to me. They would like the invoice sent by mail! Something I have not had to deal with yet, but I guess when you work with huge organizations, you have to deal with a certain amount of old fashioned-ness.

Other than sending off bills for work I have done or work I will do, I’m also writing up reviews for the places we visited in Croatia so that I can hopefully link back to my site from them, and correcting the menu of one of my favourite places, just to be nice, because they were so kind to us on our visit.

I need to strategize how I am going to get new business this fall. I am planning to draft a LOI for media companies, web design companies, and graphic designers, and send out a personalized version to those businesses that seem like they could use my services. I’m also working hard to follow up with and provide excellent service to all current clients.

Since my most profitable stream of income at the moment is language weeks, it might also be worth figuring out a way to do something similar for adults on my own. But these ideas are still germinating.


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