Themes to Explore

  1. James Altucher’s Daily Practice
  2. Introspection, self-knowledge, self-care (as relates to goals, happiness, health, personal style, friends, etc.)
  3. Breaking things down into small, doable steps
  4. “Always be storytelling, always be vulnerable” — James Altucher again
  5. Reasons for diabetes management now –> invincibility wearing off
  6. Reasons for quitting smoking now –> personal anecdote about getting older, getting scared
  7. Associated benefits of getting fit: discipline, pride, routine, self-knowledge, strength, anti-aging, etc.
  8. Ramit’s notion of living a rich life and what that means to me; wanting to be able to enter Lena Hoschek and shop without looking at the prices.
  9.  Fears: why do they stop me from doing things even after I have identified and dismissed them
  10. Female Friends / A Squad / A Tribe: why I think they’re important; why I don’t seem to have any; plans for making new ones; progress reports on how that’s going?
  11. Interviews with people I am scared to talk to
  12. Personal style as something that evolves: where am I know and how do I figure it out
  13. Interior design as a constant struggle against clutter and junk; also evolving, also about needs vs. wants, sentiment vs. style.

Written from Augarten, getting my Vitamin D


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