Day 4/5

Healthy: I didn’t smoke yesterday! But it was hard. It was a hard, hard day. The combination of period crankiness and nicotine withdrawal almost did me in, and all that i wanted to do was go back to bed and be wrapped in blankets and never come out, but instead I had to go to a kids camp and act in a Murder Mystery evening with 7 of my good friends. It took me a little while to come unwound, but it turned out to be really fun. I went outside with B while he was having a cigarette and wasn’t even tempted to have one of my own. Is this a new era?

Diabetes stuff is good. I’ve been low early in the morning the last two days in a row; I guess it is because I have been lower at night before bed, but I find that if I don’t correct I end up high in the morning. Maybe it is just a matter of changing my target to something higher before bed, ca. 8 mmol/L for example. Will review the settings in my mySugr app.

Fit: Well, I took yesterday off from fitness, still sore from the efforts of Sunday – Tuesday. I did end up going to the gym for cardio on Tuesday, which was fun, but my butt was still sore on Wednesday. All that I did yesterday was lie out in the sun for a little bit over an hour while R was teaching his frisbee lessons at camp. The little bit of tan maintenance did wonders for my mood. It was also the first time that I had seen the L family in a while, and all three told me I looked great. It’s not that I am hungry for compliments like that, but it is nice to have people notice a difference when you have been working towards something.

Today I am planning to do SWK Wk 1 Arms and then go to the gym for some LISS, though I will be satisfied with one of the two.

Happy: I was so cranky yesterday, there was a period where I could only speak in whines. BUT reading the third book in the Outlander series, Voyager, was an excellent way to escape my own attitude. Walking into the common room at camp to be greeted by a bunch of hugs and happy faces was also really nice– I didn’t expect so many of the kids to remember me, although in hindsight, I guess it is easier for them to remember the counsellors than it is for us to remember them. Spending time with the Lilac crowd was another reminder that social life in general will be picking up soon, I just have to make myself available, say yes, and loosen up (Remember Rule #6).

Rich: Um…

Yesterday was not a money making day, although I did finally get paid by Mr K. Have come up with a plan regarding weekly goals and daily tasks that I am planning to describe here. Basically, Wednesdays – and particularly Wednesday afternoons – are my willpower recharging time, and I think it is a good time to do something that makes me happy or that relaxes me so that I rebuild my stores of willpower for the rest of the week, particularly when I end up working on the weekends.

Today I am making money by finishing a thesis that I am proofreading and also hopefully by taking on another project from the K advertising agency that I have done three projects with so far. The fact that they have gotten in touch again highlights how important it is for me to get my name out to similar companies, who could be bringing work to me rather than me having to chase it down. Drafting a template LOI should be a high priority!

Props to myself for not smoking yesterday, and for continuing not to smoke tonight when I have drinks with A. My courage needs improvement as I am scared of calling K back because I am a chicken on the phone. But it needs to be done. And I will do it… now.


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