Days 6,7,8

As the first week tapered off, so too did my motivation to sit down to the daily log every morning. Friday I didn’t write because I had work to do, and then wanted to be rid of the computer. Saturday I was focused on other forms of self-improvement, including restarting the “nugget generation” of ZTL and learning wedding-related German vocabulary, and then on Sunday I went hiking and then swimming with some friends, which seemed like a perfectly legitimate reason not to blog about what I am doing to be happy and fit.

Normally I don’t go in for Monday-hate. I like to get as much done on Mondays as possible ¬†because I feel that if you can tick a lot of things off your list at the beginning of the week, you are more likely to finish the few remaining tasks, even if they are harder and more time consuming. Normally, I am at my best on Mondays, I fade a bit by Wednesday, and then I try to finish strong on Fridays. Today I just flared up and then went out.

Even though I would like to continue writing right now, I have to go prepare the apartment for the arrival of R’s friend and his girlfriend. I’m looking forward to their visit though wary about my ability to do much while they’re here. To return soon.


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