10 Ways I Have my Shit Together Right Now

  1. I have finished all of the work projects I had to do this week.
  2. I have made cash from and met with the head of another company I work for.
  3. I have worked out and eaten (relatively) well this week.
  4. I have lead a team and taught well this week.
  5. I have been in touch with the personal and work contacts I needed to be– the admin ones will have to be tomorrow.
  6. I have hosted two people in my apartment without being ashamed of how it looks, despite the dishwasher being broken. </3
  7. I have plans to go out for drinks with friends tonight, and have been social about making plans next week.
  8. I had an amazing holiday with my parents (incl. only 1 argument with my dad– v. mature!)
  9. I celebrated my four year anniversary with my amazing fiancé who is constantly charming me with his love and adoration.
  10. I feel like my mindset is shifting towards no longer being afraid of the things I need to do to be successful.

Fin. That’s definitely enough for now.


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