This is a log of my efforts to become healthy, fit, happy, and rich.

To me those things mean the following:

Healthy: My current number one health goal is getting my Type 1 diabetes under control, quitting smoking, eating well, drinking less, and exercising, in order to try to reverse the damage I have already done to my body and prevent further damage in the future. I’d like to be pregnant by this time next year, and all of these things are necessary before that can actually happen.

Fit: Related to that last point, I would like to be in really great shape before I get pregnant. I love my body no matter what, and I am proud of what it can do, but if I am going to give up the all-me-all-the-time luxury of being a twenty-something for the all-them-all-the-time hard work of motherhood, then I would like to at least have been in really great shape before that happens. I also think that being fit before pregnancy will make it easier to stay active and healthy during/after.

Fitness, to me, is also related to personal style. I want to be able to wear whatever I want – which I can do now – but I want it to look damn good – which is currently only sometimes true. Dressing well, cultivating a personal style is a point between fitness and happiness for me. I think it is influenced by and influences both of those aspects of life.

Happiness: means knowing who you are, knowing what you want, and not being afraid to go out and get it. Whether “it” is an experience, a relationship, friendships, or your career. Whether that means asking for it, working towards it, or building it yourself. I think that this requires a lot of introspection: how do I see myself in my best case scenario? What is that and what do I need to get there? For me, that happiness is based on having a career that I am proud of, that I have curated and that is accomplishing something, but it also means the freedom and flexibility to do what I want.

Riches: That freedom comes, in part, from being rich. Not just in terms of $$$ but also rich in relationships, friendships, love and experiences. It is no secret, however, that money can buy you choices and opportunities. I want to be able to fly home three times a year, with my kids and my partner. And I want to be able to go skiing when I get there. Or shopping with my best friends. I like having money in the bank, and I like having financial security. I like working hard, and I like taking vacations. These are the reasons I want to be rich.

Writing things down convinces you that they’re real, whether you believe it yourself or not, so this is me, committing to these goals, and chronicling how I plan to and do achieve them.

Some things that I would like to do in the next year:

  • Quit smoking (#1 most important)
  • Have a HbA1c lower than 7 
  • Get rid of the paunch I am convinced comes from drinking too much
  • Make €5000 by December 16th (for wedding dress shopping in Canada)
  • Make €900 by February 2017 for ZTL Accelerator program to help grow online business
  • Learn how to invest / make smart financial decision regarding former mutual fund money
  • Be less moody and nicer to my partner
  • Find a tribe of girlfriends in the city I am living in
  • Develop at least one hobby that involves regular group meetings of some kind
  • Start playing a sport?
  • Stop being afraid of in person meetings, interviews, pitches, etc. 
  • Cleanse apartment of old, unnecessary stuff incl. paper, books, junk, bits and bobs, stuff I have been meaning to sell, souvenirs, old magazines, things that belong to other people, ugly furniture, etc. 

I’m not entirely sure how I am going to do these things yet, but I know that committing to them is the first step. That’s what this is.